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We have completed a number of barn conversions over the years. Despite their appeal, barn conversions can be daunting projects to undertake.  No two are the same: there will always be differences in terms of design, location, personal requirements and planning issues, not forgetting costs. As a firm of experienced RIBA architects with proven expertise in converting and renovating barns, we can help you take your barn conversion project from planning to completion. Sometimes barns can be converted under Permitted Development Rights, others may be listed or within an area where these rules don’t apply; please contact us to discuss your specific proposals.



This rural development of 5 residential units consisting of a combination of barn conversions and new build completed in 2015. Originally the Bullsdown Farmhouse, it has been carefully restored and converted to a unique and sensitive development. Hives Architects were responsible for the planning application, design, and the detailed design dealing with numerous technical requirements and intense planning security. The project was completed by the developers with our input under a separate contract with them. 


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This site is located within the green belt and despite the restrictive policies associated with the location, consents were obtained to create a mixture of new build, reconstructed and refurbished units were created in a style sympathetic to the rural location and on site Listed Buildings. Two courtyard were created, and the units were finished to a very high standard both internally and externally. Two listed buildings were converted, and a more substantial two storey brick build structure was refurbished and achieved a chance of use permission.

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