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The practice has a long-standing relationship with several Church of England Dioceses, and also undertakes commissions for other government bodies, charities, educational and community groups. In some cases, such as the Court Service, the client has long experience of commissioning buildings, and we work within their established systems and procurement structures. In other cases, such as the Kingsclere Youth Centre, we work with organisations that are new to the process, and we can offer advice in assembling a brief, and managing the project to completion.



We designed a sensitive extension and enclosure of the Grade II listed Grandstand to ensure it can it be used throughout the year. 

The building now benefits from improved access including lifts and stairs, new kitchens and bathrooms.  

A new tensile structure roof over the upper floor is provided to mimic the original canvas canopy. The building which was originally left empty for much of the year,  is now used daily and one of the iconic buildings on the Henley river front. The grandstand is used for dining and meetings, as a wedding venue, and for corporate entertainment during the Henley Regatta.



Hives originally helped to create a small community and meeting room, closely reflecting the language of the church. We were subsequently responsible for the design, planning, and construction contract for the Ark. This is a new large hall with further facilities including a kitchen and meeting rooms. The parish of St. Andrews now has significant space to suit the growing congregation and meet the needs of the church for many years to come.



This historic hotel in Hampshire had a former courtyard that was roofed and large enough for wedding parties. In the 1980's the courtyard had been a virtual reality lab, and Hives transformed the space within the existing planning permission. We created a new column free structure, allowing flexible use by movable acoustic walls fully hidden when not used. The decorative ceiling integrates air conditioning, projectors, screens and lighting (including removable chandeliers!) so that the space can be used for business conferences and presentations; the decorative scheme is based around details from the historic building and was mocked up at full size for client approval. The resulting multi-purpose space has significantly increased lettings for our hotel client.

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