The Services

Services are as described in our Fee Proposal.


In providing the Services we will exercise reasonable skill and care, act as your representative and advise you on any issues affecting the time, cost or quality of your project. We will not make any material changes to the Services or the agreed design except in an emergency nor subcontract any of the Services without your consent.


We may have informed you in our Fee Proposal of other Consultants who will be needed on the project. These and any other consultants will be appointed separately by you under their own terms and conditions.



We own the copyright in the drawings and documents that we produce for your project and we generally assert my/our moral rights to be identified as author of that work under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 but subject to payment of fees and/or other amounts properly due, you may copy and use those drawings and documents for purposes related to your project only. Your right to copy and use does not extend to any future purchaser, leaseholder or tenant of your property without our prior agreement.


Fees and Expenses

These are as set out in our fee proposal. Both fees and expenses are subject to VAT unless noted.


We will issue an account for the fees and expenses due plus VAT and any disbursements monthly or on the completion of a work stage.


Please note that if payment of any sums properly due, is not made within 14 days of the date of issue of the relevant monthly account, the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1988 will apply simple interest at 8% per year over the dealing rate of the Bank of England Rate current at the date that payment becomes overdue together with reasonable debt recovery costs will be payable and we may give at least seven days’ written notice of our intention to suspend use of the copyright licence. 


Liability and Insurance

Our liability to you will expire after six years from completion of the services or, if earlier, after practical completion of the construction of the project or such earlier date as prescribed by law.

We shall maintain until the expiry of the liability period professional indemnity insurance cover. We should be pleased to provide documentary evidence of the insurance, if required.


We aim to provide a professional standard of service, but if at any time you are not satisfied, please bring the issue to our attention as soon as possible and we can discuss how to resolve the issue. We hope that we will be able to settle the matter by negotiation or mediation. Alternatively, either of us can start court proceedings to settle the dispute at any time. But nothing shall prevent either of us from referring any dispute to adjudication at any time under the Scheme for Construction Contracts (England and Wales1) Regulations 1998 (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2011. Should we need help in choosing an adjudicator, the nominator will be the RIBA.


Please note that individual architects are required to be registered with the Architects Registration Board, are subject to its Code and the disciplinary sanction of the Architects Registration Board in relation to complaints of unacceptable professional conduct or serious professional incompetence.